Backup for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

-SaaS Backup

-Anti-ransomware protection

-Automated 3x daily backups

-Role-based access setting

-10s unique product features

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What happens if a user is deleted from O365/G Suite?

No Afi backup data (recovery points) is deleted or modified – no matter what happens to your primary infrastructure – unless you submit an authorized request to delete your data.

If a user account, or SharePoint (Shared Drive) is deleted from your O365/G Suite, the backup data will remain in Afi and the user (drive) will automatically switch to the "Archived" status.

Licensing for archived users

You can delete inactive user accounts from G Suite (O365) to save on licensing costs while retaining their backup data in Afi. Such deleted users will appear in Afi in the "archived" status, and their data can be restored to any other account, exported offline, searched and previewed online.

Archived (deleted) users can be retained indefinitely, and they don't need to be licensed separately.


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